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  • Migration Rules


     (i) The Board means Haryana State Board of Technical Education
    (ii) The Principal mean the Head of Polytechnic / Institution.
    (iii) Institution means Government / Aided / Self Financing Polytechnics which are affiliated to the Board and impart training in any of the Diploma Course or Courses of study for which Diploma certificate is issued by the Board.
    (iv) Secretary means the Secretary, Haryana State Board of Technical Education or any other officer of the Haryana Govt. authorized by the State Govt. to perform such functions for the purpose of these rules.
    (v) Chairman means Chairman of the Haryana State Board of Technical
    (vi) Semester System Course means the course in which final examination is
    held twice a year, and Annual System Course means the course in which final examination is held once a year.
    (vii) Migration means permanent transfer of a student from one institution to
    another similar institution in the same course of study.
    These rules will come into force from the date of issue i.e. 25-08-09 and will supersede all previous rules / instructions on the subject. The rules will be applicable to all Government
    Polytechnics / Aided and Self- financing Institutions.
    (a) (i) Migration is allowed to the students studying in Government Polytechnics / Aided and Self- financing Institutions within sanctioned intake.
    (ii) Migration shall be allowed at the end of 1st, 2nd and 3rd semester which shall be
    effective in the start of session in 2nd, 3rd and 4th Semester in Semester system course &
    similarly in the 1st year in Annual system course at one time subject to the availability of the seats in the same course of study, as per AICTE / HSBTE sanctioned intake.
    (iii) The NOC either form the institution where student is studying or from the institution
    where student seek migration is not mandatory.
    (iv) Incomplete applications for Migration or the application without requisite fee or the
    applications before or after the prescribed schedule of the Migration shall be out rightly
    (v) Rs. 2000/- will be charged as non refundable migration processing fee for general
    category & Rs 500/- for all reserved category including girls from each applicant seeking
    migration. The fee will be deposited by each applicant in HSBTE account (PNB A/C No.
    3949000102734253s and the receipt in original shall be attached by the student with the
    application form.
    (b) Migration will be allowed to eligible students as specified in rule purely on merit basis only against vacant seats in the same course / discipline.
    (c) No migration shall be allowed in 1st Semester.
    (d) The change of branch shall not be allowed during Migration except with in defined cluster.
    Commissioner & Secretary to Govt. of Haryana, Technical Education Department and Chairman Haryana State Board of Technical Education shall be the competent authority to approve migration. However these powers are delegated to Secretary Haryana State Board of Technical Education.
    (i) Only those students whose written applications along with the requisite fee are received by the Haryana State Board of Technical Education within the stipulated time shall be eligible to be considered for migration. However no applicant shall have a claim to be allowed migration as a matter of right.
    (ii ) In case of migration for 2nd Semester in semester system courses / 1st year in the Annual System courses, the migration firstly on the merit of the Diploma Entrance Test (DET)/relevant Entrance Test and then on the marks of qualifying exam, as the case may be, shall be considered. If no entrance test is prescribed then the inter-se merit of qualifying exam shall be considered.
    (iii) In case of migration for 3rd Semester, the inter-se merit of 1st semester exam shall be considered.
    (iv) In case of migration for 4th semester, the inter-se merit of 2nd semester exam shall be considered. If the vacancy still exists, the migration of lateral entry students may be considered as per the merit in lateral entry test.
    (i) (a) Each Principal will circulate and display on their website, the discipline wise
    vacancy position of the institute and also submit a hard & soft copy of the same to
    Haryana State Board of Technical Education.
    (b) The same shall be uploaded on Boardˇ¦s website and also be
    displayed on notice boards of all institutions by the concerned principal.
    (c) The compiled Institute wise and discipline wise vacancy position shall be made available by the Haryana State Board of Technical Education on the web site before 15 days of the start of session.
    (d) During these 15 days, the students shall apply for Migration to their respective
    Principals/Board along with requisite fee in the prescribed Performa.
    (e) The Student can opt for maximum two institutions of his choices in order of preference.
    (f) These applications shall be processed by the board and the decision shall be hoisted on
    website with in 15 days of start of session.
    (g) The students shall be required to report to the migrated institute within one week of
    decision of Migration.
    (h) Institutes shall be liable to transfer the record of the students thus migrated with in further one week but not later than total 30 days of start of session under any circumstances. Such as Personal File of their student, Loan Application/Agreement Bond in any, Sessional Marks of the current session/Previous year, Attendance record for the current session/Previous year, other certificates, DMCs and all other record
    (i) The latest student data of the institutions must be updated by the institutes within one
    month of the start of the session.
    (ii) A student is required to deposit full fee/dues of the institute where he/she is migrated
    in the event of fees /dues of that semester not being paid in the previous institute. In
    the event of full semester fee/dues have been paid by the student in previous institute,
    half of the fees /dues shall be transferred by previous institute to the new institute and
    the remaining half of the fees will be deposited by migrated student where migration
    has been ordered.
    Application Form for Migration One Institute To Another (to be submitted in triplicate)
    The applicant is to deposit the migration fee of Rs. 2000/-(Non Refundable) for general category and Rs. 500/- (Non Refundable) for all reserved categories including girls to the HSBTE, Punjab National Bank A/C No. 3949000102734253 in the CBS Branch and attach the original receipt. Receipt No. Date Amount
    1. Name _________________________ 2. Roll No. _______________________
    3. Fatherˇ¦s Name ___________________ 4. Motherˇ¦s Name _________________
    5. Branch _________________________ 6. Semester ______________________
    7. Name of Institute where studying _____________________________________
    8. Name of institute(s) to which Migration is sought:
    1. ___________________________________________________
    2. ___________________________________________________
    9. Examination(s) Details:
    Examination Marks Obtained/
    Total Marks
    %age of
    Marks(upto 2
    Rank Remarks
    1st Semester
    2nd Semester
    1st Year
    Signature of Father/Guardian Signature of Student
    If father not alive
    Mention Guardianˇ¦s relation with the applicant Dated__________________
    Present/Permanent address of father/Guardian
    Certified that the statement made by the student is correct. The student has deposited the requisite fee in the
    HSBTE A/c. No disciplinary action/punishment has been given to the student during his/her study period in this
    institution. The candidate bears a good moral character and is recommended for Migration.
    Date: Signature of Principal
    Stamp of the Institution where the student is studying
    Instructions for filling the Migration Form
    1) Migration fees of Rs. 2000/- (Non refundable) for general category and Rs. 500/- for all reserved
    categories including girls is to be deposited in the Punjab National Bank in online account
    no. 3949000102734253. Original bank receipt is to be attached with the application form.
    2) The students seeking fees relaxation must attach the proof for the same otherwise their forms will be
    3) Relevant information like Name, Roll no., Fatherˇ¦s Name, Motherˇ¦s Name, Branch, Semester, Name of
    the institution studying must be given in the columns 1-7.
    4) In column 8, the name of the two institutions where migration is sought should be filled in order of
    5) In column 9,
    The students seeking migration in 2nd semester must fill the DET rank and if DET rank is not
    applicable then the marks of 10th/12th will be given (attach proof).
    The students seeking Migration in 3rd semester must fill the result of 1st semester along with the
    The students seeking Migration in 4th semester must fill the result of 2nd semester along with the
    6) Permanent address along with the contact number must be given.
    7) Documents to be attached:
    i) Original Bank Receipt
    ii) Proof of result
    iii) Proof of fees relaxation (if applicable)



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